London Assembly 2016 Candidates

Greenwich and Lewisham Baner

Greenwich and Lewisham Green Parties are working together to put forward a candidate for the London Assembly elections in 2016.

We have three candidates - Sophie Bishop, Dan Garrun and Imogen Solly - and we need to select one.  Please read their statements below and come along to the hustings on Monday 2 November 2015 @ 7.30pm at The Greenwich Tavern.  The Electoral Reform Society will be conducting the vote.


Sophie Bishop


Sophie E BishopWhilst not living in London for perhaps as long as the other applicants, becoming involved in party politics has really caused me to envision a green future for our country's capital.  During the 2015 General Election where I worked closely with our Greenwich and Woolwich candidate Abbey Akinoshun in a campaign I am incredibly proud of where we tripled the vote.  A regular volunteer for early morning canvassing, leafletting, stalls and a substitute spokeswoman for General Election hustings – experiences which would make me an ideal candidate for this position.  I hope to make Greenwich and Lewisham the driving force behind a greener society, which works for the greater good.



Daniel Garrun


Daniel GarrunLondon has been home to me for seven and a half years, it’s a beautiful city filled with wonderful people, extraordinary places and grand ideas.  Such things are hard fought for, and for this city to grow and progress many, many more battles need to be won.   I’m standing for the GLA because I’m a fighter, I believe in the power of community to create change and I’m confident that guided by good Green Party principles I can contribute to building a fairer, healthier, happier London for us all.

I joined the Green Party six months ago, for me the move was the natural result of a long held desire to progress from my first calling as a journalist to become more of an activist and engaged member of my community.  As a journalist and editor I have reported on energy issues, healthcare, defence and transport for more than ten years.  Through this experience I have learned a great deal about the issues we face in our society, I’ve learned to distinguish fact from fiction and as a reporter I have learned the value of communication as a pathway to finding solutions.

My allegiance to the Green Party is for many reasons, not least the progressive politics and grassroots campaigning, but mostly it can be put down to one core belief.

A healthy society is not possible without a healthy environment.

No decision no matter how big or small should be made without an appreciation of the fundamental role that nature and the environment plays in contributing to the fullness of the human spirit. As a candidate it is that ethos which I would bring to the GLA.

As a member of the GLA I would promote, protect and support causes including:

  • Growth through responsible development.  Ensuring projects are fit for their communities and maintain the highest environmental standards throughout their lifespan.
  • Culturally diverse schools centred at the heart of our communities.  Including more support for teachers and a focus on holistic learning rather than exam results.
  • Pathways to ensure gender equality
  • Greater support and protection for local businesses
  • Pedestrianised streets, electric charging stations and a cycle friendly city
  • Inner city ‘lungs’ – green spaces and technologies to ensure air quality
  • Rent controls and an end to empty properties
  • Champion personal and data privacy
  • Establish and promote London as a world class incubator for international development
  • Build London as a base for international charity and humanitarian missions
  • Foster strong, accountable financial and business sectors which pay their taxes
  • Bring back the bees


Imogen Solly


Imogen SollyI am a lifelong Lee Green resident, born in the currently threatened Lewisham Hospital maternity department, living near the border between Lewisham and Greenwich.  I am a carer for my mother, and we have experienced the dedication of frontline NHS staff but also the current semi-privatised administrative nightmare and under-staffed over-stretched care in the community provision.  I work part-time commuting to London by public transport, and I am a trustee of a charity supporting indigenous land rights through legal cases and activism in Argentina.

I am part of A Better Lee Green, a pressure group challenging Lewisham Council to take a stronger line against developers’ inappropriate plans for the Leegate Centre regarding community retail needs and social housing.  We are now setting up an inter-borough Neighbourhood Forum to enfranchise in planning decisions the local community who live in the borough of Greenwich but consider themselves Lee Green residents.

We have also run a community air pollution monitoring project, to raise concerns about increased traffic in the proposed development.  I presented this to the London Clean Air Convergence, a networking group for air pollution awareness projects, including the No to Silvertown Tunnel campaign and an East Greenwich residents’ group.

I have been a member of the Green Party for three years, becoming an activist in the 2014 Lewisham Council elections and taking on the role of Press Officer for the General Election last May as well as working as part of the officers’ and activists’ group responsible for the wider activities of the local party.

I believe that it is time for the Green Party to be more assertively proud of ourselves.  We have good policies to deliver outcomes which we know people want, but we also have a clear need to firmly distinguish ourselves from the mainstream of five-year fixes and economic favouritism.

If selected as your candidate I will strongly support our current campaign focuses and encourage voters to use their London-wide list vote to ensure as many Green voices as possible continue to campaign effectively in the Assembly for issues that matter to Londoners.

But I will also take every opportunity to convince people that they should be proud as well as practical to vote Green – that a Green vote whether it counts in this election or not is a demand for a progressive future delivering a sustainable therefore stable and accordingly fairer economy, and a strong, inclusive British identity which disregards heritage or arrival date.  We are the only main party offering a real alternative to ‘more of the same’ or Fortress Britain, and a future in which people have real grounds to be proud of being British again.  Green Britain would be a Great Britain – this is what we want for our country in the future, and if we forget to take visible and vocal pride in who we are and the future we are offering people, we can’t blame them for forgetting we want to save them as well as trees.

A pdf version is available here

The framework for selecting candidates can be found here

The job description for assembly members can be found here

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