London Assembly 2020 Greenwich and Lewisham Constituency Candidates

Greenwich and Lewisham Baner

Greenwich and Lewisham Green Parties are working together to put forward a candidate for the London Assembly elections in 2020.

We have two candidates:

Rosamund Akoo-Kissi-Debrah

Nthabiseng Claudine Letsae

Please find their statements below.

Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah

Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah

I believe I have the right experience, commitment and passion to make real changes.

I have worked in education since 1997 and between 2004 -2013 I was head of year and head of sixth form in a Greenwich secondary.

In January 2014 I set up a local charity raising awareness of asthma and the impact of air pollution on people’s health.

I have lived in Lewisham for over 17 years. My children have attended primary and secondary in Lewisham so I have experience of schools as a parent. I have been a parent governor in a primary school in Lewisham since 2016. My responsibilities are pupil premium, looked after children and safeguarding. Due to my knowledge and experience in schools, one of my aims would be to support local schools that require improvement and are deemed inadequate. I believe no matter where children live they deserve the best education possible.

I volunteer locally as part of Clean Air Catford. We monitor local air pollution around schools and encourage the community to change their behaviour to help improve the quality of the air where we live. This has been extremely rewarding as the awareness of clean air continues to grow.

I still support young people in Lewisham schools in regards to performing arts. I attend shows that local students put on wherever I can, this is important in the current climate as it demonstrates to young people that people in the community care.

I stood as the candidate for the Green Party in Lewisham East, I came fourth. It was a great learning experience in how to campaign effectively and I enjoyed going out and forming relationships with the general public. It showed me there is the opportunity to change things for the better.

I am the Co-founder with Dr Wallis from Great Ormond Street Hospital and Director of The Ella Roberta Family Foundation. The charity is based in Catford and we work in SE London. I raise awareness about the dangers of asthma and the impact of air pollution on the public’s health. A lot of my work involves public engagement which is vital .

I go into local schools and community groups to educate. Every year I put on fundraising events to support social cohesion in my neighbourhood.

I run the Ella Roberta Research Award which sponsors junior medics to contribute new research into asthma with the aim of finding a cure. As part of my work I am the parent advisor to Healthy London Partnership (HLP). The ambition for HLP is to make London the healthiest city, my ambition for Greenwich and Lewisham is to make them the healthiest boroughs in London.

As an educator I am passionate about libraries and especially children’s reading I will be fully backing the campaign to save libraries.
For my work I campaign furiously for Clean Air and I would like to see schemes that encourage walking and cycling in the boroughs and making them Greener.

I know residents in both boroughs are really concerned about youth crime and housing, this came out whilst campaigning. Being a former teacher and behaviour specialist this is an area I have expertise in. I would find out what are the current schemes that are happening and it would be good to share good practice. Find out what resources are needed to cut down crime and lobby the Mayor for more money. In regards to the housing shortage I would do what needs to be done within my power to contribute to the on going dialogue how we resolve the crisis.

If successful it would be an honour to represent Greenwich and Lewisham


Claudine Letsae

Claudine Letsae

I am the current GPEx Diversity and Equality Co-ordinator in my role I have had to provide scrutiny to ensure that the Green Party is functioning optimally.

I have a background in Health, Social Care and Housing. This are the areas that I feel the Assembly could provide greater scrutiny of the Mayor’s actions and holding the office accountable for the budget decisions they undertake. As a Trustee of a Housing Charity in Greenwich Borough and having worked as an advocate representing families and individuals experiencing the housing needs, either from evictions from their homes , homelessness due to the changes in Welfare Benefits. The introduction of the Universal Credit has resulted in the greatest number of evictions and more people and children in temporary accommodation since the changes to LAPSO were introduced. We now have the highest number of homelessness and more people on the housing register that at any time in recent history. Instead of things getting better, the situation has become more stark. I will look to set up a Policy Impact Assessment Committee for the policy decisions that are undertaken on how they impact the lowest earners and vulnerable groups in London. Poor funding decisions by Councils for the charitable sector that provide support for the most vulnerable people have led to the greatest inequalities in London not seen since the era of Margaret Thatcher. There is currently cuts of about a third across the charitable sector funding by Councils, impacting on Access to Justice. The Mayor has duty to look to mitigate these Government policies that has brought about such in equality.

Social Care is in crisis, support for the elderly and the vulnerable is at an all time low. This should be a priority on how Councils are funding it and a move to merge Social Care and Health provision should be a priority, this can be an area that London leads on by introducing Universal Basic Income, as they did the London Living Wage. Londoner would be allowed to have a way of integrating Social Care with the NHS.

To combat the precarious nature of large number of jobs and inequality in London, an introduction of Land Value Tax to create a funding to mitigate the government policies and help reduce Homelessness in London as model that can be adopted by Council’s across London.

As keen cyclist, seeing to it the mayor builds segregated cycle lanes that put cycling not cars at the heart of London areas. There is now more journeys that are being made by cycling, but the safety of cyclist is paramount. The risks that HGV’s pose to cyclist could be mitigated by looking to ban HGV’s within certain roads and ensure that only HGV’s that are Construction Logistics and Community Safety Standard (CLCSS) compliant should be in London roads and use of alternative modes of transportation and should also form part of Local Authority planning permissions.

Clean air goal to reduce nitrous oxide and particulates by creating car free area and promoting areas that have walking and cycling as only mode of transport on certain days of the week. Reducing congestion and looking for ways to reduce air pollution overall by using filters for all modes of vehicles and greening the areas with high pollution as a way to mitigate pollution and putting immediate restrictions on tree felling across London .

Ensuring the Fire Service is well funded and the use of technology to ensure that upto date measures are in place to protect high rise building in case of fire breaking out. All the recommendation from the Grenfell Inquiry are enacted. This would ensure there would never be another Grenfell.

Restoring the local police stations across London and Neighbourhood policing funded to building good relationships with the community to help reduce crime overall, in particular the scourge of knife crime that has taken too many lives in London.

Overall, by bringing the Green Policy ideals to London and ensuring the Green Voice in heard in the Assembly and representing the Lewisham and Greenwich, the area I have lived in for the last 14 years and have good understanding of the issues that are impacting the areas. I have stood as a candidate for the General Elections in 2015 and 2017 in Erith and Thamesmead, not only am I rooted in the area, I am a candidate that has built good relationships with the community as well as Charity sector via my work with Greenwich Housing Rights.


The job description for assembly members can be found here




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