The Trinity Laban Review Article on Abbey Akinoshun, The Green Party Candidate for Greenwich & Woolwich

21 April 2015

The Trinity Laban Review Article on Abbey Akinoshun, The Green Party Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich. This Green Surge has energised and excited tens of thousands of people.

Green candidates back call to save Woolwich ferry in escalating pollution #GreenwichNeedsaGreen

16 April 2015

The historic free ferry is once more under threat of closure as part of Transport for London’s plans – backed by Labour-controlled Greenwich Council – to build a new road tunnel from the Greenwich Peninsula. The Green candidates agree with local campaigners...

It's Time to Represent the People Not the Developers #GreenwichNeedsaGreen

09 April 2015

Our part of London is being turned into a luxury high-rise quarter to benefit wealthy outsiders, but the local MP has spent years cheering the building frenzy on. That's no surprise: Nick Raynsford was paid twice as much by the construction industry last year as he was to represent his constituents.

Dr Robin Stott - British Medical Journal Observation

05 April 2015

Dr Robin Stott - British Medical Journal Interview: Focused, rebellious, receptive - Published 1 April 2015

Greenwich and Woolwich Council - Call for Fossil Fuel Divestment by Dr Robin Stott #GreenwichDivest

02 April 2015

Denise Hyland, leader of Greenwich Council, has today disclosed that the council has investments via its Pension Fund worth around £17 million in 100 companies associated with the exploration or extraction of fossil fuels. Dr Robin Stott, Green Party candidate in the forthcoming Greenwich West by-election, issued this immediate response.

Mercury Champ to Run as MP

12 March 2015

A winner of The Mercury's former quest to honour community champions is to run for parliament. Abbey Akinoshun from Woolwich has been selected as the Green Party's candidate for the election on May 7.

Report Back - The People’s Climate March 2015 in Pictures and Video

12 March 2015

We share a few photos and a video from the successful Time to Act demo.

Nick Raynsford’s Pro-Fracking Position Shows Labour Doesn’t Get Climate Change

04 March 2015

Some of us wrote to Nick Raynsford in the run up to the Infrastructure Bill being debated in parliament, urging our local MP to vote for a moratorium on fracking.

Mind The Gap and Keep Our Cool. By Robin Stott, our local candidate in Greenwich West

22 February 2015

Three great problems threaten both human and planetary wellbeing...As a green candidate, I will argue and vote for measures which...

Voting Green - A Wasted Vote?

21 February 2015

It’s the old ‘tactical voting syndrome’ and it is something we have lived with for years. The problem is that tactical voting depends on an electorate who are too afraid to vote for what they really want ...

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