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13 April 2016

Green Party Candidate for the Royal Borough of Greenwich Glyndon council by-election, polling day May 5th 2016

Dan Garrun

Glyndon has long been a neglected part of our Borough. Why? Because in a Council completely dominated by one particular party, councillors don’t actually have to represent or engage with their constituents to win seats, the Labour Party machine does it for them. That’s why I ask you to consider a different party, a different candidate, one that will fight tooth and nail for you and your say in how your community should be run. Decades of Labour control have done little for Glyndon, it’s time for a change.



My manifesto for Glyndon:

  • I will ensure that under the Localism Act the local community has a far greater voice in local planning including a new public consultation on the Plumstead Urban Framework.

  • A halt to the destruction of Plumstead Library and the unwanted and unnecessary Gym Leisure Centre, working instead with locals to refurbish the Warehouse Leisure Centre and turn the vacant Kinara building into a community hub.

  • Make sure that local services and construction companies are used in all new developments, creating sustainable jobs.

  • Improve the public realm by clearing litter, removing graffiti, planting trees and flowers and ensuring residents have the chance to add local flavour to the station redevelopment in 2017.

  • Greater support for the area’s many independent retailers, consulting with shopkeepers to encourage a more diverse retail and dining mix, improve footfall by improving pathways and by launching a local customer loyalty card.

  • Protect and fix the Abery road car park, using the space to bring greenery and outdoor art to the high street while also adding secure cycle storage here and in other strategic locations.

  • Consult with the Plumstead Common Environment Group, who do a wonderful job as custodians of our environment, on how to maintain and improve more green spaces.

  • Lobby for a more extensive network of schools under community, not academy, control.

  • Launch a public consultation to see whether the Royal Arsenal Canal, one of London’s ‘lost rivers’ can be rebuilt and restored into a London landmark. Like so many canal regeneration projects across England, this would create jobs, draw visitors and provide hugely exciting new business opportunities.

While my manifesto covers areas on the edges of Glyndon I think you will agree these institutions sit at the heart of our local identities. The reality is that with just a few, affordable changes carried out with full backing of the local community, huge change can be achieved creating a springboard for healthy and sustainable growth. This can’t be achieved with a one way conversation between the council and developers as has happened in Woolwich and on the Peninsula. Glyndon needs a stronger voice; it needs a Councillor willing to fight for his or her job by representing you and your families.


About Dan

I’ve lived in South London for eight years and I am very proud of the wonderful community I’ve become a part of here in our borough. As the co-coordinator for the Greenwich Green Party I’ve contributed to many local projects, from working with schools to protecting green spaces. Greenwich Greens were hugely influential in the campaign against the toxic cruise terminal at Enderby Wharf, a poorly thought out project that would add to an air pollution crisis not seen since the Great Smog of 1952. Both Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith have now come out against the Labour council’s plans, and the Greenwich Greens played a major part in building that campaign. If that’s what we can do outside the council, imagine how much more influential we could be on the inside.

In my day job I’m the Managing Editor for a digital media company in Blackfriars with a background in business, transport, energy and healthcare journalism. I grew up in South Africa and graduated with a BA in Media Studies, BA hons Philosophy in 2004.


Follow Dan on twitter at @DanHarryG or email me at

Please feel free to comment or suggest other ways in which you think we can make a difference in Glyndon together.

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